facebook, I give up

Today I gave up in my struggle against facebook. I resisted using it for almost 2 years by deactivating my account. By deactivation, I thought it meant that it was deleted; but a couple of months ago, I read the about the difference & deactivation and deletion process and how facebook is retaining data of deleted accounts on HN. I tried logging into my deactivated account and voila, it was resurrected. I tried looking for deletion button amidst the dark pattern-y settings interface but all I could find was that deceiving deactivate button. I had to use google to find it out. The page said that it would take 15 days to delete my account. I knew it won't be erased. Ever. Just a delete flag toggled to True. Still I went ahead to make sure that I couldn't be tempted.

Now, my startup is very much based around social interaction. I thought I could develop it without myself ever being the user of it. But I was plain wrong. Apart from that, I needed to contact some people and the only accessible & convenient platform for doing that is facebook. I regretted deleting my account and decided to use the same email address that I had for previous account. Then suddenly, I was crept out the moment I submitted the signup form. Facebook suggested 8 people on the next page, all of whom were friends of my previous account. Its a clear sign that my data was not erased at all. Past a couple of page, again I was suggested over 20 people all of whom I knew. It's just been a couple of hours now since I caved in and 3 of my friends have already added me. Oh facebook, I must applaud your hard-working engineers; the system so quick to suggest me to my friends. And Zuck, I didn't knew you loved me so much that you couldn't let my account die. I was such a dumbfuck for deleting my account.

It's not only the privacy reasons for which I loathe facebook so much. It's that it gradually takes over a significant part of your life. The notifications which tell you how much you're loved by others. You start craving for it. Eyeballs always checking on that tab that has been open for last 4 hours. Hitting the poor F5 button as has you can. The repetitive refresh syndrome.

My days of digital peace are over.